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Why 61% of divorced women wish they hired financial advisors

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2020 | Divorce |

Planning for your financial future may look quite different after a divorce, but you have certain financial goals you wish to achieve as you move forward with your life. While few women hire financial advisors to help them during their divorces (often because they do not realize the option exists), those who do find that it is often highly advantageous.

According to Forbes, 95% of divorced women today say they did not realize they could have enlisted a financial advisor’s help. However, 61% of them now wish that they had not only known about financial advisors but hired one.

Why women wish they had hired advisors

Many women working through the end of marriage want to set themselves up to achieve specific financial goals after embarking on life on their own. You may, like 66% of divorced women, want to take steps to eliminate debt. Another 41% of divorced women note that saving for retirement is a main financial goal, while 19% want to build wealth through investing and another 27% wish to buy a new home.

How financial advisors help

Financial advisors may help you position yourself in a manner where achieving these goals is possible. This might include seeking spousal maintenance and finding money to put away for retirement. Ultimately, the goal of the financial advisor is to help you maximize your future finances, and this is why many women who never hire one regret not doing so after the fact.