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Guidance For Divorce

Not every romance or marriage was meant to last. Sometimes the couple finds that initial passion they had for each other has turned to something dark and unhealthy. Perhaps the years pass and those initial feelings fade into a workable partnership for raising a family, but lacks that initial spark. Whatever the reason, divorce involves serious long-term legal implications that affect the couple emotionally and financially.

With offices in downtown Buffalo, the law firm of Mattingly Cavagnaro LLP, handles a wide range of family law matters, including filing for divorce. Its attorneys meet with clients to discuss their needs and goals. They will then map out a strategy using their extensive knowledge and many years of legal experience. The firm can help empty nesters trying to equitably divide a complex estate and financial portfolio, or those in a situation where courtroom litigation is necessary. Whatever the issues, its attorneys can help you determine priorities and how to best resolve your dispute.

Important Matters To Consider In Divorce

Mattingly Cavagnaro LLP can work with you on large issues and small details to make this process as smooth as possible. Important matters to consider include:

  • Contested or uncontested: Contested involves going to court and at times letting a judge decide. Uncontested can be less stressful, more collaborative and gives the couple more control over the outcome.
  • Custody: The courts here in New York generally favor joint custody when it is in the best interests of the children. This may not be the case for your situation, and an attorney can help make that case.
  • Parenting plans and visitation: These cover the day-to-day care, obligations and details of how the parents should perform their parental duties.
  • Child support: New York uses a formula to set a presumptive amount of support that considers the income of both parents, number of children, parenting plan and other details. There are reasons a court may award more or less than the formula provides.
  • Spousal maintenance: This may be temporary or ongoing depending on the length of the marriage, age of the spouse, their ability to earn a living, general health and other unique circumstances.
  • Division of assets: Marital property is divided equitably in New York, which is not the same as half. It is an area negotiation, particularly when the estate includes extensive assets, properties, businesses and other objects of value.

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