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When A Child Support Order Needs To Be Modified

After a divorce or a child support order involving unmarried parents, the financial legalities may seem settled. However, a child support order is never set in stone. Individual and family circumstances may change. Modifications may become appropriate – and necessary.

The family law attorneys at Mattingly Cavagnaro LLP in Buffalo can advise you on how to pursue a child support modification or how to protest if the other parent is asking for one.

What Is Prompting The Request For A Child Support Modification?

Are you paying or receiving child support that you believe should be increased, decreased or paused for reasons such as the following?:

  • A child needs greater support after an injury or a diagnosis of a learning disability or a chronic health problem.
  • One or both parents have changed jobs, been promoted, been demoted or been fired.
  • The parent who has been paying child support is unable to keep up because of a decrease in income. Perhaps a commercial business failed after pandemic-related restrictions greatly reduced foot traffic.
  • One or both parents have had significant financial changes after a serious injury, a house fire or another major life event. The parent who has been receiving child support may need more to make ends meet after becoming disabled.

Whatever is prompting you to seek a child support modification or protest the other parent’s request for one, Mattingly Cavagnaro LLP can be a valuable resource. The family law attorneys at this firm have the compassion, skills and persistence that you need from a dedicated advocate.

Discuss Your Child Support Questions With An Experienced Lawyer

Do not attempt to negotiate a child support modification with your child’s other parent unofficially. The existing court order is enforceable as long as it is in place. If either parent’s income has increased or decreased more than 15%, it may be time to ask the court to modify the court order.

Bring your family’s unique concerns to the attention of a lawyer at Mattingly Cavagnaro LLP and learn what it may take to get a child support or child custody modification. Call 716-246-4275 or send an email inquiry to request a consultation.