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Is Your Divorce International In Nature? This New York Family Law Firm Can Help.

International borders can complicate the legal aspects of a divorce. If you were married in New York but now live overseas or if one spouse lives in New York and the other lives abroad, you need the guidance of an attorney who is experienced in guiding clients through these legal circumstances.

The attorneys at Mattingly Cavagnaro LLP can advise you on the special challenges of international divorce. Attorneys Christopher S. Mattingly, Melissa A. Cavagnaro and Nicole Grasso have more than 40 years of combined experience in New York family law practice. They have helped many individuals and couples navigate the difficulties associated with international divorce.

Christopher S. Mattingly is one of less than 50 lawyers admitted into the International Academy of Family Lawyers in New York State.  He is the only lawyer in the judicial district that is part of this well-respected and exclusive group.

Scenarios And Concerns Of Cross-Border Divorce

Questions of jurisdiction must be resolved when more than one country’s laws may apply to your property division, child custody or other issues with international dimensions. Your divorce may be considered international if:

  • You got married abroad and now live in New York, where one or both of you will file for divorce.
  • You and your spouse, both in New York, share marital property, such as real estate or financial accounts, located in another country.

Whatever special situations apply in your case, Mattingly Cavagnaro LLP is a wise choice as you seek qualified legal counsel. The lawyers at this firm are prepared to consult and collaborate with law firms in other countries, as necessary. They will keep you thoroughly informed about the most efficient and promising ways forward.

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