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Modifications Of Divorce And Family Law Arrangements

The one constant in life is change. Parents know this better than most as they see their children grow and their needs change. Couples going through divorce will often see major shifts in the lives of their spouse after the agreements are drawn up. Knowledgeable family law attorneys will address as many foreseeable issues as possible when they draft agreements, but unforeseen circumstances may need to be addressed via custody modifications or child support modifications.

The Buffalo-based law firm of Mattingly Cavagnaro LLP works with clients to address the overlooked or unforeseen issues that often involve child support, parenting plans and alimony. People experience life-changing circumstances, and sometimes those are even beyond their control. The courts do not allow modifications because an individual feels the arrangement is wrong or unfair; instead, it is often (but not always) a matter where both parents and ex-spouses are in agreement that changes need be made. Mattingly Cavagnaro LLP can then draft paperwork to make it legal.

Common Reasons For Modifications

Commonly accepted reasons for changing a family law agreement include the following:

  • A parent’s relocation for work or other reasons
  • A parent’s income greatly increases or decreases
  • A parent receiving spousal maintenance remarries
  • A child becomes an adult, moves out of the house or no longer needs support
  • Children age and their needs change once they are in school
  • A parent inherits money

How The Post-Divorce Modification Process Works

A post-divorce modification document can be drafted and reviewed by lawyers. If there is a major disagreement about the arrangement or whether there even needs to be a modification, it is more likely that the matter will be litigated. It is advisable to speak with a lawyer if you are contemplating a modification. Mattingly Cavagnaro LLP attorneys understand how family law and the courts can determine options for proceeding with your dispute.

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