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Separating Spouses, Separating Finances

A divorce requires deep digging into details surrounding finances. Through the years, couples built their marriages and along the way accumulated a number of assets while together. Besides child support, other money-related issues that surface include spousal support, dividing assets and what will happen to your family business.

Mattingly Cavagnaro LLP, in Buffalo, New York, has a stellar reputation in representing clients in divorce and family law cases. The law firm’s attorneys rely on experience, savvy and know-how to secure the best possible financial settlement for you. With more than 30 years of combined experience, the firm’s attorneys understand money, finances and what you rightfully deserve.

Getting Your Fair Share Of The Family Finances

The attorneys at Mattingly Cavagnaro LLP, can answer any financial-related questions pertaining to divorce. Having worked with hundreds of clients, the team’s attorneys have guided them in areas that include:

  • High-asset divorce: Professionals from business owners, physicians, attorneys and professional athletes bring a great amount of money into a marriage. When the couples split, it’s crucial to review every financial aspect of the marriage so that you will receive a fair settlement allowing you to maintain your current lifestyle.
  • Spousal support: One spouse may have earned significantly more income than the other in the marriage. That’s when the court will pursue spousal support.
  • How divorce affects your business: A family business may be at stake after a couple divorces. Options include a former spouse selling his or her share of the business to the other, selling the business to another company or even working out an agreement to stay in business together.
  • Dividing assets: So many things must be reviewed here, from residential and investment properties to investments and retirement accounts, along with art, jewelry and collectibles.

The financial aspect of divorce is a complicated one. But the attorneys at Mattingly Cavagnaro LLP, are aggressive and knowledgeable, helping you resolve legal matters.

A Law Firm Ready To Lead The Way

Your finances have been intertwined with your spouse’s during the marriage. Now, it’s time to untie them and fairly distribute them between the two of you. Mattingly Cavagnaro LLP, in Buffalo, New York, will represent you and fight for you in order to retain what is rightfully yours from homes, vacation properties, and investments to family businesses and jewelry. For a consultation, contact the office or call 716-246-4275.