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Same-Sex Divorce Is Like Any Other Divorce, Isn’t It?

Married couples of the same sex often assume that their divorces will be the same as divorces between opposite-sex couples. This is sometimes true, but there are often unexpected glitches and complications. Even when the legal aspects are clear, a member of the LGBTQ community who is facing a divorce will naturally want to work with an attorney who is inclusive in the practice of family law.

Attorneys Christopher S. Mattingly, Melissa A. Cavagnaro and Nicole Grasso have more than 40 combined years of experience practicing family law. They have been helping same-sex couples in family law matters since before same-sex marriage became legal in New York in 2011. At Mattingly Cavagnaro LLP, all clients can expect respectful, full-service legal counsel; individuals in same-sex couples are warmly welcomed.

Special Concerns Of Gay Couples Approaching Divorce

Common complications in same-sex divorces include the following:

  • Child custody challenges from or involving the nonbiological parent or stepparent who has been co-parenting a child or children throughout the relationship
  • Legal and logistical issues related to domestic partnerships that may have existed before same-sex marriage became legal
  • Complications involving retirement accounts, taxes and other legal matters that may require interactions with plan administrators, government agents and/or judges who may not be up to date on the legal status of financial matters involving same-sex married couples

This list is not all inclusive. Every case is unique and every same-sex divorce tends to have some area that requires special treatment. The attorneys at Mattingly Cavagnaro LLP are sharp and observant. They are committed to ensuring that clients’ interests are protected in all aspects of a divorce or child custody dispute. They also advise clients on estate plans that need updating and other issues of importance to their families and futures.

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