High-Asset Divorce Representation

Divorce is a complicated legal matter that involves the physical, emotional and financial separation of a couple. It is often even more complex when couples with large estates need to divide assets like stock portfolios, property, business ownership, retirement accounts and other objects of value. The division of property becomes a financial labyrinth where even the worth of these properties is in flux. An attorney with experience handling high net worth divorces can work with forensic accountants, financial professionals and other experts to accurately yet economically determine assets and their value even when assets are outside the United States.

Mattingly Cavagnaro, LLP, features managing partner Christopher S. Mattingly, who has worked on these types of disputes in the Buffalo area for more than 25 years. There is the obvious need to protect the individual and parental rights of our clients, but Mr. Mattingly also has the business acumen to protect or determine a reasonable solution for property settlements and asset protection. He provides personal attention to his clients’ needs and understands how to get things done in a cost-effective manner.

Providing Smart And Creative Solutions For High-Asset Clients

The unique challenges for clients with complex divorces can include the following:

  • Privacy: It may be important to keep the details of your divorce private. We can use mediation to avoid litigation in a New York court (where records are public or can be unsealed).
  • Asset protection: Each side is legally obligated to provide a comprehensive list of assets, but there are certain legal strategies for protecting assets.
  • Parenting plans: People with demanding careers and complicated lives need parenting plans that can accommodate this.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: We can help clients clarify their financial agreements in a way that is fair and equitable.
  • Business ownership: The value of a business may be tied to the involvement of the owner, potential worth down the line or other variables. We provide accurate valuation of a business or businesses.
  • Taxes: It is often wise to structure a divorce so clients avoid overpaying their taxes.

How We Handle Your Case

If the other side is willing to negotiate in good faith, our attorneys are happy to work with the other side to arrive at a fair settlement of all the details through mediation. However, with so many assets at stake as well as the complex lives couples may lead, it is commonplace for these matters to end up in court, sometimes more than once if there is an appeal or new information comes to light. We always work to reduce costs and to lessen the stress upon the client and their family regardless of the issue.

We Are The Premier High-Asset Divorce Firm In Town

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