Mattingly Cavagnaro LLP is a Matrimonial and Family Law Boutique Firm located in Buffalo, New York. 

After practicing solely in the area of matrimonial and family law in Western New York area for a combined thirty years, attorneys Christopher S. Mattingly and Melissa Cavagnaro have come together to establish Mattingly Cavagnaro, LLP, a firm devoted to helping individuals and families traverse the sometimes difficult roads of divorce, child support and custody issues. 

Whether it is navigating through the area of child custody and support or negotiating a fair resolution to high-asset marital dissolution the attorneys at Mattingly Cavagnaro provide compassionate but direct counsel and tough representation in negotiation and, if necessary, litigation.

Mattingly Cavagnaro focuses solely on matters that affect families.  This includes prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, divorce, child custody, child support and maintenance and post-Judgment issues that may arise after a divorce is finalized. 

High asset divorce cases are some of the most complex family law cases that exist.  It takes a lawyer with experience and considerable financial knowledge to successfully handle high-asset cases.  Christopher S. Mattingly has extensive experience handling complex divorces involving substantial assets and debts in the Western New York area.  Mr. Mattingly receives many referrals from peers and past clients familiar with his ability to handle the tough cases.  Practicing in Buffalo since 1992, he has focused exclusively on divorce and family law for over twenty years.

Melissa A. Cavagnaro has a unique and sensitive insight when approaching matrimonial and family law issues as she has been appointed as an attorney for the child in numerous Family Court cases throughout Western New York (including Erie and Niagara County).  Ms. Cavagnaro is a professional in the field of family law and child custody issues and has years of experience assisting families through the often-contentious custody process. 

Mattingly Cavagnaro has a network of financial experts to perform business valuations, real estate appraisals, pension valuations and professional practice valuations.

There are few decisions in life more important than your choice of a lawyer when you face a matrimonial or family law issue. If you are dealing with a family law matter in the Western New York area, please contact us to arrange a consultation.